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Helping Hands

Apply for Emergency Assistance

Following the instruction and example of Jesus, part of COTH's mission is to help the needy.

We must continue to be a light in our community...

A virus, may change our method, but it must not change our mission.


Church on the Hill exists to share the love of Jesus because Jesus changes everything!


As part of the mission of Church on the Hill, we follow the example of Jesus and meet the needs of the poor. We do this to demonstrate His love, His mercy, and because of what He has done for us!


While all requests are considered, not all are fulfilled. Please expect a phone call to gather additional information about the need. Applicants are only allowed to apply once every 30 days.


Requests are considered on a first come, first served basis. While preference is given to those who are members and regular attenders of Church on the Hill and certain ZIP Codes, Church on the Hill does not discriminate and the application is open. Funds are not always available. Furthermore, while applications are considered as quickly as possible, it may take up to five business days to receive a decision. Our funds are limited, but we seek to be generous with what we have been entrusted.


The following ZIP codes are given priority: 75043, 75149, 75150, 75180-82, 75217, 75227-28, 75253.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Consider supporting Church on the Hill

Even during these trying times, some have plenty and want to give. If this is you, please consider supporting the ministry of Church on the Hill. You may mail a check to: Church on the Hill, 2111 Skyline Drive, Mesquite, TX, 75149 or you may give online utilizing the button found below. Thank you for your generous gift.

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